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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cloak and tweet with Tweak

Tweak is a free service from dot Tk which is very similar to free URL shortening services like TinyURL. But with Tweak instead of creating a short URL from any domain you can create a brand new domain for your long URL. Sites like EzineArticles doesn't accept short URL as URL forwarded but accept only top level domain to forward visitors to any affiliate page. So on such sites you can use Tweak instead of other URL forwarding services.
As a free URL redirection service Tweak has following unique features:
  • Preview
    It's easy to find out where any TweaKed domain will take you without visiting the actual page. This is useful to check that the link will redirect to a destination you trust. Simply add a slash hyphen (/-) to the end of the domain, and instead of being redirected to the original long URL, you will be shown a preview page telling you where the link goes.
  • Additional keywords
    Anything in front of the Tweaked domain name is ignored. So if you'd like additional keywords or "hints" to a URL, you can take advantage of this to manually add them.
  • Tweet
    While creating the cloaked domain you can directly tweet to inform the whole world about your new domain.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dot TK is now ad free

Do you like free Dot TK doamins? But were disappointed with the annoying ads shown at top of your page which diverted a significant portion of your valuable traffic. Good news for you! Dot TK is now totally ads free. No ad is shown even on free accounts.

So it's high time to register your own free dot tk domain name with your own name or your brand name. Hurry before anyone else register your favorite names. Since this is totally free you should not miss the opportunity. Dot tk domains are getting popularity very rapidly. One day you may need to pay thousads of dollars to recover your favorite domain name from other people. So register your own free domain name now without any delay.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How FREE Dot TK domain may help you

Although Dot TK domain name is free to register it has value. It may help you in following ways:
  1. We know domain name itself has a lot of value. A lot of prime domain names (e.g. short & useful dictionary words) are still available for registration on Dot TK. I have registered, Such good domain names will bring some visitors for you.
  2. You can hide your affiliate links. No body wants to click on affiliate links. But they will more likely to visit a domain.
  3. Dot TK has a feature named as Tiki Net. You can get some visitors by participating in this program. It's also FREE.
  4. Popular method of hiding affiliate link is to use URL redirect service like TinyURL, SnipURL etc. But most of the people are unwilling to click those URLs since they don't know where the URL will land. But with meaningful name of Dot TK domain the visitor gets an ideas of the site he is going to visit. So they are most likely to visit.
  5. Dot TK hides the original URL completely by providing a FRAME window which other redirect service don't.

Register your own Dot TK domain today.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Become a Dot TK Ambassador

Dot TK is the most renowned free domain provider. Dot TK allows you to register an unlimited number of FREE domains. It is supported by the country of Tokelau. Click Here to register your own free domain name now.

Dot TK has announced an affiliate program named as "Dot TK Ambassador Program". As an Ambassador, you will have to refer new registrants to Dot TK to help promote Dot TK and you are qualified to earn virtual Fish for your efforts. And you can use this virtual Fish in the Dot TK Barter Market for Dot TK promotional items and for items that promote your very own domain name! By referring new registrants to Dot TK, you can be promoted through 4 escalating Ambassador Levels, each earning greater rewards and recognition.

The primary objective of The Dot TK Ambassador Program is to "harness the power of the people", by organizing Dot TK enthusiasts all over the world, who will spread the message of the free Dot TK domain name registrations and the Free Domain philosophy; "Renaming The Internet".